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Whether you are churched or unchurched, a seeker or cynic, a sinner or saint, whether you are gay, straight or otherwise, rich or poor, healthy or sick, lost or found- Faithwaze welcomes you to our Sharing and Caring community!

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Faithwaze sends out a weekly devotional as we invite you to our 11am on-line Zoom service. We hope they help you grow your faith, as we welcome you with open hearts and minds, to worship with us! Click on the links below to view recent devotionals.

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We welcome you to our community gathering where everyone has a voice in our worship service as a unique and beloved child of God. We gather to practice thanks-giving, sing, share experiences, and nurture our faith.

Since 2016, Faithwaze started as a means to reach out to those in need from the community of Holyoke, Massachusetts and has expanded to include others from across the nation. “Faithwaze” is inspired by the mobile app “Waze” which gathers travel information from those on the road. Faithwaze is driven by those on the road of faith – gathering in a growing, living, body of Christ every week by the online community we form. Your voice- your presence matters to each of us.

Christian Ministry to Make a Difference in the World

Faithwaze is a Co-Operative Virtual Service in partnership with the United Congregational Church of Holyoke.

Zoom Service

The heart of our Ministry in weekly worship, gathering on Zoom for wide accessibility.
Message- Music- Prayer


The heart of our Spirit, fed by gathering in person with others to share music and food and fun.


The heart of our Search for social justice begins on the ground as the hands of Christ putting food and clothing directly in the hands of those in need.

Your Prayers, your Presence, your Giving of Yourself go further than you realize.

Curious? Come and see. Come and experience. Come and grow in faith in a community committed to living out God’s love.

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Lance Humphrey - Pastor

Lance Humphrey

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Karen Skalla

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Rob Knox

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Music Minister
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Music Minister
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